Bitcoin Investment Program Guide

Start Your Bitcoin Investment

You've come to the right place to learn and begin your bitcoin investment program. Many bitcoin investors are seeking the best platform for the best returns for their portfolio. Bitconnect has been servicing bitcoin investors for well over two years. This is not a here today and gone tomorrow bitcoin investment scam program. There are tens of thousands of investors who have received back their initial seed investment and who pull a percentage of profits weekly or even daily. Bitconnect and its Bitcoin investment program is open source and operates on blockchain technology so that you can be assured of its safety and reliability. You can get started today!


Bitcoin Investment Step 1

Buy Bitcoin

The process of buying bitcoin has never been easier than right now. Coinbase offers a free account where you can purchase bitcoin almost instantly with a credit card and then have it moved to your Bitconnect Bitcoin wallet. Click HERE (opens in a new tab) to get started on your Coinbase account.


Bitcoin Investment Step 2

Bitconnect Sign Up

Next, you need to open your free account.

Opening up your account is easy and free. Just fill out the form at the link (opens in a new tab) to access your dashboard. This is where you will be able to see your daily earnings and cash out your bitconnect tokens and bitcoin. We have videos that show you this process.


Bitcoin Investment Step 3

Token Purchase/Lending

Finally, you can begin your investment with the purchase of Bitconnect Tokens and begin seeing your Bitcoin earnings add up just 24 hours after you start the lending program. Daily earnings are tallied based on the volatility of the trading bot you are lending to. Watch our videos to see it in action!

What Is The Bitconnect Bitcoin Investment Platform About?

A blockchain and community based decentralized financial system

Imagine an open source robust and efficient bitcoin and crypto community investment platform built to provide different lending and earning opportunities including cryptocurrency education. The crypto currency revolution is leading the way to find the liberty we all want, in a society of compatible, freedom loving people who, like you, are searching for the possibility of income stability in a very crazy world

  • Listed Among The Top 20 Coins On Coin Market Cap
  • Bitconnect Tokens Are Open Source So You Can Mine Them
  • You Can Stake Bitconnect Coins
  • You Can Buy And Trade Bitconnect Coins
  • Bitconnect Has A Public Blockchain
  • Bitconnect Coins Can Be Converted To Bitcoins
  • Bitconnect Is Almost 3 Years Old

Bitcoin Investment Program

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3 Easy Steps To Bitcoin Investing

Start your bitcoin investment without the hassle of a bank or fund manager. Learn what its like to be your own investment manager.

Purchase Your Bitcoin

Our videos guide you on the process to purchase your bitcoin from sites like Coinbase and transfer your bitcoin to your account wallet.

Exchange For Tokens

Next, we show you how to exchange your Bitcoin for Bitconnect tokens and prepare to make your first initial loan on the platform

Begin Loan Investment

Finally, we show you step by step how to start your first Bitconnect loan to the trading bot. 24 hours from this point, you will see your earnings

How To Buy And Invest In Bitcoin - 3 Steps

How Do I Invest In Bitcoin? Actually, the most common question we get is how can someone first buy bitcoin to invest. In this quick video, we show you how to get your bitcoin easily with a credit card and start your first bitcoin lending investment.

“Start with $100 and see where it takes you. Baby Steps”

By following the 3 easy steps in this video guide, you will have your bitcoin and will be able to watch your bitcoin investment grow.